The different types of car shipping

With most car shipping companies, you will have three main choices for transporting your vehicle: open-air shipping, open-air shipping with top-loading and enclosed shipping. Open-air shipping is the most common type of car shipping that you will see. If you have seen cars being delivered to a dealer ship on a carrier that has two decks of cars with no external covering, that is open-air shipping.

Open-air shipping with top-loading is simply choosing to have your car shipped on the top level of the carrier. Enclosed shipping is when a car gets shipped on a carrier that has a roof and two walls. These carriers will look simply like big cargo eighteen wheelers. You will likely not know that there are cars on board if you see one.

Shipping a classic or exotic car

When you are shipping a classic or exotic car that is high-end and you want the lowest possibility of damage occurring in transit, you should really choose enclosed shipping. This is because on an open-air carrier there is a slight possibility of small road debris kicking up and making contact with your vehicle if it is on the lower deck of the carrier while the auto carrier is in transit. Smaller road debris includes things like pebbles.

If you ship your car on the top deck of an open carrier, there is the slight possibility of tree branches touching your car or birds leaving their mark. For both levels on an open carrier, bugs, pollen and weather could dirty your car as well and that is the last thing you want right before a show. Shipping your car in an enclosed carrier solves all of these issues. There will be an additional fee to ship in an enclosed carrier, but it will be worth it.

Shipping a car to North Carolina

Shipping a car to or within North Carolina is easy and will spare you the time driving as well as protect your car from potential damage on the trip to the show. You are likely wondering what the cost could be for shipping a high-end car to a car show in North Carolina. To find that information, you can always visit a car shipping company’s website and use their instant quote form. These quotes will give you a pretty accurate idea of what your shipment will cost as well as how long it might take.

These quotes will factor in variables such as enclosed shipping versus open-air shipping, what time of year you are shipping, and how much notice you gave amongst others. If you choose to ship your car within North Carolina in an enclosed carrier, it will likely cost between $400 and $700 depending on the distance of the shipment, how early you book and how busy your particular car shipping company is at that time of the year.

How to prepare for your vehicle shipment

If you do choose to ship your vehicle to a car show, there will be a little bit of preparation prior to your car being picked up. Thankfully, it is nothing too difficult or time consuming. You will need to make sure that the exterior of your car is completely clean because your auto transport driver must conduct a visual inspection for pre-existing damage for insurance purposes. However, odds are with a car going to a show, you already planned on having it spotless. You should also remove any personal items from your car such as phone chargers, glasses and jewelry. If these things are in the vehicle during the shipment and they end up damaged or lost, the auto transport insurance will not cover them. Finally, you will also have to ensure that you are available during the pickup and delivery times designated for your vehicle in order to sign off on the pickup/delivery and give/receive the keys.

Final word

Choosing to have your car shipped to a car show will cost you a few hundred bucks but it will spare you having to put several hundred miles on your classic or exotic ride that you take so much pride in. When you ship on an enclosed carrier, you are ensuring that your car gets the highest amount of protection while it is being shipped. Once you have booked your shipment, you will need to prepare a bit before your car is picked up, but that preparation should only take you an hour or two at the very most. Be sure to book your car shipment as soon as possible because the more notice you give your auto carrier company, the more availability they will have, and you will likely save a few dollars on the overall cost.