Over the last 20 years, our staff has attended car shows across the entire nation. From monster truck rallies to Nascar races we’ve seen quite a bit of variety in regards to automobile based events.

Here is a complete guide on how to spread the word once you’ve decided to host a car show. 

When we discuss specific events, it’s important to set a date, location and general theme for the car show. Some events are listed as cruise-ins, where users typically cruise in and out along a popular road showing off their rides. Car shows tend to more stationary, typically hosted in a parking lot, business park or event center similar to a fairground. 

Here are three steps you can follow to help spread the word for your event:

  1. Establish and write down the “Who, What, When & Where” details of your event. 
    • Who is going to attend your event?
    • What is the event for? (Specific type of vehicles, Charity, All Makes and Models, etc.)
    • When is the event? (Date & Time)
    • Where will the event take place? (Location that you have permission using. Remember to always respect the spot. No hooning or burnouts at most events.
  2. Prepare digital assets to help share your event
    • Flyers are still used in 2021 to help promote car shows and events. Take some time to develop imagery that will catch the attention of potential participants. These images can be resized to fit on social media platforms, websites and even posters simply taped up on-site before your event.
  3. Post your event on online:
    • Do you have a website that you can list the event? Established Personal or Business websites are a great place to start. Whenever driving traffic online, we recommend starting on your blog or with a dedicated page on your website. List all of the event details and encourage visitors to sign up using a form or by simply providing an email address. When you invite people to your event, always be sure to include the link so it’s easily shared with a simple forward of an email.
    • Create a Public Facebook Event and list all of the details from step 1 above. Make sure the privacy settings are set to public to allow sharing between online friends. The Charlotte Car Shows Facebook page has a complete list of Facebook events for the Charlotte Metro area. (Feel free to shoot us a message for a FREE share.)
    • Check for landing pages online similar to CharlotteCarShows.com, Cruise-In Calendar, local newspaper’s event calendar, etc. in your area and request for your event to be added to an event listing.

Car shows are family friendly events and are so much fun to attend! It’s important to note that you should always make sure you have permission to use a location. Sometimes a quick email to a business owner or property management company is all it takes to get started!